Next Generation Leadership Development

  Keith Aldrich had the privilege of spending three days with 600 undergraduates from 175 different universities at the Phi Delta Theta Kleberg Leadership Conference held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, July 27-30, 2013. He came back pumped up: “It was amazing how hungry they were to learn how to become better leaders and […]

Maximizing Workforce Contribution

  Maximizing Workforce Contribution is a white paper focused on developing a high performing organizational culture by acquiring, developing, engaging and retaining the right people. The paper was a collaborative effort between Dr. Ron Jenson and Keith Aldrich, and combines the most recent industry research with personal experiences from client consulting engagements. Download the white paper […]

It Takes Courage to Lead Change

We work with leaders to help their organizations become healthy and high-performing. We begin the process with assessment. We use an Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey and a series of one-on-one interviews in order to get a clear understanding of the present state and the preferred future state of the organization. We take our findings and present them […]

Developing High-Performing Management Teams

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation on Developing High-Performing Management Teams (and Growing the Value of Your Company in the Process) at the Annual Pacific Oil Conference in Los Angeles. I shared with the leaders in attendance four key activities that we have found that high-performing management teams do really well and […]

Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey Results (2014)

We help well-intentioned, intuitive leaders strengthen and mature their organizations in areas such as purpose and strategy, development of leadership, team collaboration, employee engagement, and overall culture. For this purpose, we designed an assessment to measure how employees perceive the health and effectiveness of their organization across seven categories. Here are the survey’s seven categories. […]

Start the New Year with a Look in the Mirror

Welcome to 2015! I usually don’t make a big deal about the New Year. I’m lucky if I’m able to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. However, at this time of year, I do get a bit contemplative and have gotten into the habit of reviewing the previous year, refocusing my life, and […]

Nationally Recognized and Award Winning Project Management Office

Continuity Consulting worked with the leadership team at the Office of Systems Integration to establish a Project Management Office and develop best practices that could be leveraged to support their $4.5 billion IT portfolio.  Continuity Consulting’s President, Keith Aldrich, said “This was an exciting and challenging project for our team. Much of the success can […]

Continuity Consulting, Inc. Awarded IT Master Service Agreement (MSA) with State of California

On March 4, 2014 Continuity Consulting was awarded an IT Master Service Agreement by the California Department of General Services. Continuity Consulting was awarded a contract for both Tier 1 (projects up to $1.5M) and Tier 2 (Projects up to $5M) and is one of only 150 companies that were awarded a statewide agreement. The […]

Developing a High-Performing Management Team (and Growing the Value of Your Company in the Process)

  Continuity Consulting’s President, Keith Aldrich, co-delivered a session today for industry leaders at the annual Pacific Oil Conference in Los Angeles.  The session was titled Developing a High-Performing Management Team (and Growing the Value of Your Company in the Process). Today’s session focused on: The proven characteristics and practices of high-performing management teams, and […]

Government Transformation 2015: Improving Government for the Future

As a member of the Advisory Council, Continuity Consulting is engaged in shaping the program for the upcoming Government Transformation Forum to be held at the Sacramento Convention Center on February 4, 2015. The forum is a one-day conference for state and local government leaders. This conference is designed to serve as a catalyst by […]

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