As a member of the Advisory Council, Continuity Consulting is engaged in shaping the program for the upcoming Government Transformation Forum to be held at the Sacramento Convention Center on February 4, 2015.

The forum is a one-day conference for state and local government leaders. This conference is designed to serve as a catalyst by leveraging the experience and expertise of the presenters in dialogue with government leaders to address present challenges, network around possibilities, and collaborate on solutions.

The forum will cover four broad areas of government: Workforce Development, Customer Service, Improving Organizational Outcomes, and Procurement.

Keith Aldrich and Chris Baltzley from Continuity will be presenting a session entitled, Create a Pocket of Greatness: Courageously Making ‘Whatever-Size-Group-You-Are-Responsible-For’ Great. Government transformation is both a noble and lofty goal. Large, systemic changes are indeed needed. All the presenters at this conference are eager to address issues that hinder government effectiveness and offer potential solutions.

However, large scale transformation takes time.

In the meantime, in this session we intend to raise the question, “How does a well-intentioned, hard-working leader build something healthy and high-performing within their sphere of influence, even if it is within a larger, more bureaucratic less effective organization?

Through engaging content and some special guest client’s stories, we hope to help participants take whatever-size-group-they-are-responsible-for and create a pocket of greatness.

Watch this space for more information on the Government Transformation Forum 2015. If you can’t wait to hear about how to create a pocket of greatness within your organization, give us a call.

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