We help well-intentioned, intuitive leaders strengthen and mature their organizations in areas such as purpose and strategy, development of leadership, team collaboration, employee engagement, and overall culture. For this purpose, we designed an assessment to measure how employees perceive the health and effectiveness of their organization across seven categories.

Here are the survey’s seven categories.

PURPOSE AND STRATEGY –assessing the organization’s clarity of purpose, core values, current strategy, and communication of strategy and culture.

LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT– assessing for employee confidence in managers, as well as for managerial skills, such as constructive feedback, coaching for improvement, performance accountability, recognition and praise, and timely communication.

TEAMS AND COLLABORATION– assessing for mutual trust, intentional team building efforts, healthy conflict around strategy, how disagreements are resolved, whether opinions are valued, and whether the employee feels cared for.

EFFECTIVE PERSONAL LEADERSHIP – assessing the individual’s perceptions regarding their personal development and self-leadership.

ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT – assessing perceived barriers to a job well done and overall governance and enterprise resourcing.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – assessing people’s perceptions regarding the employment and alignment of their strengths, feelings of contribution to the organization, job expectations, level of job skill preparedness, trust in fellow employees to do quality work, and overall employee engagement.

PROCEDURES AND WORK FLOW – assessing work flow, clarity of decision making procedures, freedom to innovate, communication flow, and meeting management.

Click below to download the results from the 2014 Continuity Consulting Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey.

Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey Results

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