Organizational Health Assessment

What you don’t see can hurt you. Continuity Consulting created the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) to increase your visibility into the current health and performance of your organization. This proprietary assessment provides you with:

  • Online dashboard helping you set baselines for measuring progress.
  • Recommendations based on expertise, experience and best practices.
  • Practical solutions focused on true root causes allowing you to prioritize opportunities to catalyze change in your organization’s performance.
  • The groundwork for Strategic Planning, Organizational Performance Improvement or Team Performance Improvement.

Leaders need accurate and actionable information to make good choices.

Our proprietary Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) is designed to assess an organization, division or team across six core categories:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Culture
  • Workforce, with a special section on Employee Engagement

User-friendly, online assessment

  • Reflects the best and most recent industry research and best practices in strategy development and implementation, cultural health, organizational performance, leadership, team development, and employee engagement.
  • Results may be segmented and displayed in multiple ways: by organization or division, as well as from senior leadership, management, and staff perspectives.

Provides clear, actionable results

  • Will sometimes confirm the leader’s intuition.
  • Will often expose and clarify previously unknown strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always provides the leader with confidence in moving forward.
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360 Survey

360-degree or multi-source feedback operates on the principle that self-awareness and meaningful feedback are catalysts for personal growth. An assessment of strengths and weaknesses from several sources can be a powerful source for self-learning and development.

The G360 leadership development system is based upon four major areas of individual performance: personal qualities, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, and leadership skills. Each of these four areas are comprised of four competencies for a total of 16 core competencies that are assessed in each survey.

We provide several versions of 360 surveys to meet the unique needs of various types of organizations:

  • CAL-Leader 360
  • Manager
  • Emerging Leader
  • Team 360
  • Nurse Manager
  • Physician
  • Community Leader
  • Custom competency surveys are also available.
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IT Benchmark Report

Our custom IT benchmarking service provides in-depth analysis of your organization's IT spend ratios, comparing your metrics against a database of peer organizations. This service is designed for CIOs and C-level business leaders seeking unbiased data and metrics to compare your organizations total IT spending and staffing levels to other organizations of similar size and in your industry.

Conduct an IT Benchmark to:

  • Improve IT operational performance through a clearer understanding of how IT costs and staff levels compare with other organizations.
  • Justify existing or proposed levels of IT spending based on typical budgetary ratios in similar organizations.
  • Develop a business case for new IT staff positions based on typical IT staffing ratios for various functions.
  • Evaluate the IT spending and staffing of a potential acquisition or investment target, as part of a due diligence exercise.

IT Benchmark study will help you:

  • Benchmark your IT spending levels. Compare with organizations of similar size and industry sector. Over 20 specific IT cost management ratios and other IT support metrics are provided, such as IT budget as a percent of revenue and IT budget per employee/user. Discover opportunities to reduce IT costs, optimize IT expenses, and improve the efficiency, effectiveness and governance of your IT organization.
  • Measure your IT capital budget spend levels. Over 20 IT capital budget metrics are provided to help stakeholders monitor IT investment levels relative to others within your industry.
  • Manage your IT staffing levels. Over 30 IT headcount ratios are provided for benchmarking IT staff counts, measuring IT worker productivity, and achieving efficiency within the IT department.
  • Evaluate your IT key performance indicators. Compare your IT metrics with your peers, using measures such as new initiative spending, custom/commercial software mix, virtualization ratios, users per server and per printer, data center OS mix, PC refresh rates, and other KPIs--all important factors in budgeting for IT.

Your custom IT Benchmark report will include some of the following:

  • Demographic Comparison (All Organizations, By Size, By Industry)
  • IT Operational Spending Benchmarks
  • Business Applications Spending
  • Data Center Spending
  • Network Spending
  • Security Spending
  • End User Device Spending
  • IT Capital Spending
  • Overall IT Staffing
  • Specific IT Staff Positions

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