Continuity Consulting’s President, Keith Aldrich, co-delivered a session today for industry leaders at the annual Pacific Oil Conference in Los Angeles.  The session was titled Developing a High-Performing Management Team (and Growing the Value of Your Company in the Process).

Today’s session focused on:

  1. The proven characteristics and practices of high-performing management teams, and how company value can be affected by the presence of a strong management team.
  2. How to leverage opportunities and benefits available only to organizations that have a high-performing management team.
  3. Tools to assess your management team’s performance. Learn how to clarify strengths and determine specific areas for improvement that can have a positive impact on enterprise value.
  4. The keys to successful leadership and management succession, such as:
    • The importance of distinguishing “ownership” roles and “operational” roles (and accountability) within a family-owned company.
    • Timeline tips and tools to help owners effectively plan for a transition from a day-to-day role to a leader-development role within the company.
    • Ideas to empower founders to clarify and transfer their expertise and core values to the next generation of managers.

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