Firm Overview

Continuity Consulting is a management consulting firm that provides a variety of management consulting, advisory subscription, assessment, and social impact consulting services. Our experience with diverse and multifaceted projects gives us an understanding of complex adaptive organizational environments. Our expertise in strategy, organizational health and performance, systems and design thinking, project and change management, leadership and team development enables our clients to achieve both business results and promote human flourishing.

Since 2002, Continuity Consulting has worked with public sector, private sector, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and outcomes through a variety of services, including strategic planning, project management, process improvement, and organizational change initiatives. In 2010, the firm’s strategic focus shifted so that we could devote more time and resources to leadership development and improving organizational health, which we saw as increasingly important to our clients’ success.

In our client engagements, we frequently saw the need for an assessment tool that could provide greater clarity into the current state of an organization and provide leaders with the information they need to make confident decisions to improve the cultural health and overall performance of their organizations. Drawing on organizational best practices and our personal experience with clients, in 2012, we released the Organizational Health Assessment (OHA). The OHA is now a vital component of Continuity Consulting’s Pulse Organizational Improvement System – designed to provide our clients with visibility, alignment and accountability in their strategic execution.

What You Can Expect from Us

Competence. Our people possess experience and expertise. Because our track record is filled with diverse, multifaceted and adaptive projects, both large and small, we understand complex organizational environments. Our clients testify that our adaptive, phase-by-phase approaches to Strategy Development and Implementation and Organizational Performance Improvement not only give them inspiration and clarity, but are actionable and ‘staff-digestible’. Our reputation, through client referral, has been our primary means of new business generation for 15 years.

Collaboration. We approach our work as curious collaborators with our clients, prospectors of latent potential, and co-creators of a preferred future. We bring an understanding of design thinking, team building, and organizational culture that has proven successful in facilitating an atmosphere conducive to creative discovery.

Connection. We take an intentionally relational approach, in which our clients work directly with principal consultants from day one. We believe that human-centered and high-performing go together, and that healthy, high-performing organizations don’t fall from the sky or rise up out of the ground. People build them.

Commitment. Driven by both idealism and grit, we believe in the potential of people and organizations, and we persevere for our clients’ success. Our practical, results-oriented approach will help you gain clarity of purpose, momentum, and clear direction.

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