Youth Peer Mentor Program (YPMP)

The Youth Peer Mentor Program (YPMP) was developed to support the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) goal to serve youth and rural areas of the state to reduce unmet treatment needs and opioid/fentanyl overdose related deaths through the provision of evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery services. ​ The Youth Peer Mentor Program (YPMP) project […]

Juvenile Justice Youth Peer Mentor Program graduates aim to help others

By Michael Sicilia, Deputy Press Secretary Division of Juvenile Justice Eleven youth from the Northern California Youth Correctional Center in Stockton graduated from a five-week training program that provides recovery support to peers with substance use disorders. The youth participated in more than 100 hours of classroom instruction and untold study hours on their own […]

Gratitude’s impact on our personal and professional life

An interview with Dr. Robert Emmons on the power of gratitude on our personal and professional life. In this interview we explore the following topics. A look at gratitude and why it is important. How cultivating gratitude in our life can improve our performance. How we can cultivate gratitude in our life. Why the brain has […]

Worksheet: Clarify Your Values

“Values are the lens through which our view of the everyday world is filtered.” We utilize the following values discovery worksheet in a variety of workshops and training sessions from senior executives to university students.  Feel free to download the document for your personal use. Worksheet: Defining Your Values

Becoming a Cultural Warrior with Kirk Weisler

As part of a Individual Leadership Enhancement Program (ILEP) that we are presently implementing at CalPERS, we are featuring a short speakers series. (No, not all of the speakers are short; the series is short — just four high-quality speakers.) In this video, Keith sits down for an interview with the first speaker in the series, Kirk […]

Creating a Pocket of Greatness

Creating a Pocket of Greatness was presented on February 4, 2015 at the Government Transformation Conference in Sacramento, California. In this session we address the question, “How does a well-intentioned, hard-working leader build and sustain healthy culture and high-performance in their particular sphere of influence?” Through engaging content (and some special guest client’s stories!) we will […]

Join us at GovTrans 2015!

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to view the flyer for “Creating a Pocket of Greatness” to be presented at Government Transformation 2015, February 4, 2015 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Creating a Pocket of Greatness Flyer

Continuity Consulting Leads Workshops for Sacramento State Student Leaders

  Continuity Consulting led two workshops at the CSUS Fall 2014 Student Leadership Conference. The workshops were led by Chris Baltzley, a Senior Consultant with Continuity Consulting and Amanda Aldrich, Co-Founder and Coach for EPIC Tri. This is the third time Continuity has had the privilege of participating in the student leadership conferences at the […]

CSUS Spring 2014 Leadership Conference

Today we had the privilege of delivering two workshops at the Cal State University of Sacramento Diversity Leadership 2014 Conference with over 500 students. Session 1: Values Clarification Workshop. Session 2: Practical Application of Personal Values in Relationships and Leadership. We really enjoy the energy and interest from this next generation of leaders.

How to Build Teams with SEA Entrepreneurs — Class of 2014

You may have heard that recently we had a great time with the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy’s Class of 2014. We walked them through how to build healthy, high-performing teams. The participants seemed to enjoy it and learned a lot. One remarked: “Great content, fabulous flexibility in facilitation which allowed us to get to know each […]

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