Continuity Consulting led two workshops at the CSUS Fall 2014 Student Leadership Conference. The workshops were led by Chris Baltzley, a Senior Consultant with Continuity Consulting and Amanda Aldrich, Co-Founder and Coach for EPIC Tri. This is the third time Continuity has had the privilege of participating in the student leadership conferences at the Sac State. Chris Baltzley stated that, “Often, at some point in the midst of our work with them, many of the executives say something like, ‘I wish I knew this stuff in my 20s, not my 50s.’ So we look for opportunities to invest in the next generation of leaders.”

Here is a summary of the two workshops:

Session 1: How Do You See the World? A Values Clarification Workshop

Values are the lens through which our view of the everyday world is filtered. In this engaging and interactive workshop each individual clarifies and articulates their core values to better understand why they behave the way they do. They also learn to distinguish between core, accidental and aspirational values. We will take a look at questions that will help you become a more self-aware person and leader.

Session 2: As You Relate, As You Lead. Practical Application of Personal Values in a Relationship and Leadership

This seminar is designed to help you become a more self-aware, values-driven individual who can proactively and successfully navigate different environments, diverse relationships and new leadership opportunities. We will ask and seek to answer these questions: How do our values affect the way we lead others? How do we learn what others value? How do we resolve conflict? This is a taste of the work we do with executive leaders, many who wish they would have learned these things in their twenties.

We look forward to Spring 2014!

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