Sacramento, CA – October 30, 2014 – Continuity Consulting has just released an updated version of their Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey. “Helping our clients avoid Band Aid-type, superficial solutions is why we developed our own survey,” says Chris Baltzley, who helped lead the project, “The whole purpose of the Organizational Health Assessment¬†is to get hard-working, good intentioned leaders the information they need to take strategic steps toward building a healthy, high-performing team or organization.”

The team at Continuity began building the survey, using it with clients and field testing it more widely in early 2014. “We believe in taking the time to assess the situation. And we use a number of different assessment tools, but we felt that most of them measure something very specific, drilling down in one particular area of the enterprise. What we thought was missing was an assessment that considered a number of the key areas of an organization in concert and put both organizational needs and solutions in the context of the whole enterprise,” said President and Founder of Continuity Consulting, Keith Aldrich.

“Most of our clients use the survey as an impetus for change in their organizations,” said Chris, “The data gives senior leaders confidence that they are addressing the right issues in the right order. We have also structured a process that prepares the people in the organization for change and growth, and, as well, creates a road map that management and staff can get behind, because they helped create it — they own it.”

A .pdf of the 2014 highlights from the Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey are available for download at

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