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Continuity Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on empowering leaders to build healthy, high-performing organizations and teams. We assess organizations to provide leaders with the information they need to look beyond surface symptoms, avoid short-term fixes and confidently address root problems. As trusted advisors, we partner with our client to clarify and prioritize needs, craft a road map forward, and implement targeted solutions in order to improve organizational culture and leadership performance.

Assess. Advise. Develop.

people build them

Since 2002, when Continuity Consulting was founded, we’ve worked with many different companies and organizations. Through our work with public agencies and private companies, as well as, non-profits organizations, we have learned that “Healthy, high-performing organizations don’t fall from the sky or rise up out of the ground. People build them.”

there is more to our story

assess to clarify and empower

Rather than showing up with a generic, out-of-the-box management training program, we take the time to observe, question, and employ proven assessments in order to uncover the root causes of your pain points and inform our consultative and tailored solutions.

assess your organization, team…

Specifically for this purpose, we have developed an Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey, which assesses your organization, division or team across seven categories. The survey assesses areas of strategic clarity, managerial effectiveness, employee engagement and organizational performance.

…and people-leaders

We also utilize a comprehensive set of individual assessments for executive leaders and managers.

get the highlights of the 2014 survey

your trusted advisor

Organizational Development is a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness and to enable it to achieve its strategic goals. (Thanks, Wikipedia, we couldn’t have said it better.)

transform your organization

Today’s organizational and team leaders face many challenges, and nothing makes us happier than partnering with hardworking, well-intentioned and intuitive leaders to build healthy, high-performing people-leaders, teams and organizations.

it’s a relationship. it’s a process.

We know that true organizational change or leadership development that sticks takes time. That is why our approach includes thoroughly and broadly assessing the organization and consulting with executive leaders to prioritize development needs and craft a practical, step-by-step road map, which may include internal development initiatives, as well as our proven and tailored solutions. Re-assessment is part of the process as well, providing leaders with measurable results and motivation for the long haul. And we are with you each step of the way.

create a pocket of greatness

Healthy, high-performing organizations are made up of healthy, high-performing teams. Nonetheless, whatever the organization, we are eager to help leaders seize the opportunity they have to create a pocket of greatness within their team or sphere of influence.

We utilize our Organizational Health and Effectiveness Survey and an individual assessment, called the MERIT Profile™, to create greater mutual awareness of each team members’ strengths and weakness, as well as, to assess team trust, managerial effectiveness, collaboration and overall team effectiveness.

we know what it takes

Whether it is a new team leader, the launch of a project team, new team members coming on board or merely a desire to improve the culture and performance of an established team, we can show you how to build a healthy, high-performing team. We know the steps it takes to turn your good intentions into intentional good.

build teams


your organization’s success hinges on its leaders

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted what researchers at Google discovered: “Google found that managers have a much greater impact on employees’ performance and how they feel about their job than any other factor.”

we build people-leaders

As we’ve said, at the core of every healthy, high-performing organization you will find healthy, high-performing people. In training and coaching, we help participants grow in self-awareness through assessments like our 360-degree appraisal, StrengthsFinder™ and the MERIT Profile™. Our tailored training and coaching empowers leaders take action, for example, helping leaders make the most of their first 90-days, launch a new team, prepare for the next level or select and prepare a successor.

develop people-leaders

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