Leadership Development Through Training and Coaching



The Opportunity

For Iron Mountain to fulfill its mission of helping organizations solve their evolving information management challenges, it must have high performing people-leaders. The partnership with the Northern California Region of Iron Mountain began with five individuals (one VP, three mid-level managers and one supervisor) participating in an executive coaching program with Continuity Consulting. This stage resulted in personal and professional growth in areas such as improved self-awareness, a clearer knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, enhanced people skills, improved peer and team relations and better work/life balance. This initial success resulted in an expanded partnership with Continuity Consulting, including an organizational assessment, facilitated human-capital strategy and planning session, and management training for 30 managers.



Our Approach

Human Capital Strategy and Planning Session

Continuity Consulting facilitated a planning session with the VP of Northern California to:


Continuity Consulting utilized a combination of assessments and surveys to identify group and individual development needs. These included the MERIT Profile, tailored 360-degree assessments for individual managers, as well as a team dynamics assessment. The assessment results informed the roadmap and proposed strategy.

Training / Workshops

To accomplish the goal of developing better people-leaders, Continuity Consulting utilized a combination of existing courseware and custom-developed training materials to support the Iron Mountain objectives outlined in the strategy sessions. The training workshops were delivered to 34 managers and supervisors who are the key executors of the business strategy, as well as influencers of employee engagement, regional company culture, and customer satisfaction.

Executive Coaching

Continuity Consulting provided executive coaching to several senior leaders within the organization. Utilizing Iron Mountain’s 9-Grid Talent map, individual development plans, and assessment findings, the Continuity team worked with individuals to grow in the leadership capacity and develop into better people-leaders.



The Results


Client Quotes

“Chris helped me become more self-aware of my deficiencies and he provided me with helpful tools to address them. The routine meeting intervals drove me to stop and reflect on the big picture allowing me to grow more quickly than I otherwise would.”

“I learned to harness my positive energy to become a more patient and understanding leader allowing my teammates to solve problems and spread their wings. I do not have to be the ‘answer guy’ all the time. I became a more frequent ‘listener’ and tend to prime creative though as opposed to dominating challenges with my experience and know how.”

“Before, my personal mission might have been to get promoted as high as I can. I still want that, but it’s not the focus. Now, I would say, I focus more on becoming a better leader and making others better at what they do and in turn think this focus will lead to promotion and bigger opportunities.”

“I now have more of a focus on bringing value to my team as a coach and mentor. More open discussions, positive and challenging. Becoming more of an inspirational leader.”

“I’m more positive about my future. My direction is clearer. I know what I want now and need to create a plan to achieve it.”

“I’ve stopped looking at my peers as competitors but as teammates, I have confidence in myself and no longer feel I need to compete or look better.”

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