Organizational Assessment and Development


The Opportunity

The leadership of the Division of Rehabilitative Programs at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was seeking to improve the performance and outcomes of the organization. They contracted with Continuity Consulting to assess the current state of the organization, to develop strategies to build upon their strengths, and to create a plan to address needed development.

The primary goal of this organizational development initiative was to build and sustain a high-performing team of staff, supervisors, managers, and executives who can:


Our Approach

Continuity Consulting provided an array of organizational development services including assessments, strategic planning, organizational change, executive coaching, and training for the managers and staff.

Phase One: Assess

Objective of Phase One: To assess, clarify and articulate (1) the present state of the organization and why it is not okay to stick with the status quo, and (2) clarify and articulate a vision of the preferred future state and why it is important and urgent to embrace change.

Phase Two: Plan

Objective of Phase Two: To create a tailored roadmap to get the organization from HERE to THERE, to include milestones, re-assessment points, necessary organizational change activities and strategic direction toward operational excellence in purpose and priorities, people and processes.

Phase Three: Solutions

Objective of Phase Three: To implement solutions that move the organization toward the desired future state. Based on the outcomes of the assessment and the agreed upon strategy and roadmap, the solutions included the following:


The Results


Quotes from the Client

“Continuity made our organization feel that we were the top priority. They provided specific, measurable data and had a thorough understanding of our people, causing us to feel that they were fully invested in our progress and success.”

“The individual coaching sessions were invaluable to me and the members of my team. Continuity encouraged our team to have common nomenclature and shared experiences. Continuity’s involvement at all levels of the organization also opened the door for management to have difficult discussion with executives – no matter the outcome. This was positive and created momentum that continued after our time with Continuity was complete.”

“The Continuity team left behind valuable tools and techniques for managers to use to improve communication and working with staff. Their simple, basic approach to working with our team helped immeasurably as many of our team originally felt threatened by having an outside organization come in to assist with culture change. Keith and Chris’s approach to staff was well received and ultimately helped our team feel more comfortable with what they were trying to accomplish.”

“The biggest impact while Keith and Chris were on site was watching staff develop more efficient and appropriate ways of communicating with each other.”

“I believe it is the personal approach and manner in which Continuity does business that separates them from other similar firms. The work seemed personal to them, and it showed in their commitment to improve our internal culture. Keith and Chris are open minded, fair and caring individuals who really can help make a difference in an organization.”

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